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Get a Gogroove retro Bluetooth speaker for $39.99 shipped

Perfect for the new iTunes Radio (and all your other music), this stylish, portable speaker looks pretty fab.

If you can forgive the name, the Gogroove BlueSync DRM offers stylish speaker goodness in a portable, wireless package.
If you can forgive the name, the Gogroove BlueSync DRM offers stylish speaker goodness in a portable, wireless package. Accessory Genie

Not all Bluetooth speakers are black, boxy, and boring. At least one looks like it just stepped off the set of "Mad Men."

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Accessory Genie has the Gogroove BlueSync DRM portable Bluetooth speaker for $39.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code SYNCDRM at checkout.

Let's go ahead and address the elephant in the room: whoever decided to put "DRM" in the name of an audio device either has a sick sense of humor or no clue whatsoever.

Fear not, however: there's no actual DRM at work here, just everyday Bluetooth streaming goodness along with a line-in jack for devices that don't do Bluetooth.

The BlueSync charges via USB and runs for up to 10 hours, according to Gogroove. What's more, it incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 (which, among other things, makes it possible for multiple devices to pair simultaneously, a huge perk for multidevice households). A control pad on top lets you play/pause, adjust volume, skip tracks, and so on -- another nice perk that not many Bluetooth speakers offer.

And, oh, yeah, it probably sounds pretty decent thanks to its two-channel design and "reactive passive woofer for low-frequency beats and vibrations." I say probably because this is a brand-new product, and I haven't found any reviews to speak of.

Sound quality notwithstanding, I'd argue that the real appeal here is the design. The elliptical body and teal coloring lend a retro-mod look I find quite appealing -- especially when I eyeball the ugly gray brick that is my Jawbone Jambox. I'm sure this design won't please everyone, but if you want a splash of color -- and, dare I say, creativity -- with your music, this speaker delivers.

By the way, the regular price on this model is $59.99 plus shipping, so this is quite the bargain if you're in the market.

Bonus deal: Game time! I know I've plugged the BioShock series a zillion times already, but if you weren't quite ready to pull the trigger, now is the time: Amazon has the BioShock Triple Pack for $19.99. That's all three games in the series, including this year's BioShock Infinite. Binge-play! Binge-play!

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