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Get a free Wiimote sleeve from Nintendo

Nintendo is offering Wii owners free Wiimote "jackets" and will be shipping them with all new Wiis.

Nintendo Wii Remote Jacket

Nintendo has revealed the Wii Remote Jacket, a silicone grip intended to make the Wiimote more comfortable in the hand and give it some semblance of protection. Silicone sleeves for the Wiimote have been available since the Wii first came out, but this new product carries an important distinction: it's free.

Every new Nintendo Wii, Wiimote, and copy of Wii Play that ships from today on will include the Wii Remote Jacket. Nintendo hasn't announced any price changes for these products, so new Wii and Wiimote buyers will be getting the jackets gratis. If you've already bought a Wii and want your own jacket, fear not; Nintendo is offering free Wii Remote Jackets to users who already own Wiis. Just go to Nintendo's site, enter your serial number and how may jackets you need (up to four), and you should get your new Wiimote grips in a few weeks.

Nintendo is shipping out new Wii products with the Wii Remote Jacket today, and they should hit stores around October 15.