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Get a free Samsung Eternity A867 smartphone

Looking for a solid multimedia phone that doesn't cost a dime? (Well, up front, anyway.) Wirefly has just the deal you're after.

Lest you think I'm all about iPhones here at Cheapskate Central, Wirefly has the Samsung Eternity A867 3G smartphone for free (with a two-year service agreement, of course).

Normally, this phone sells for $150, so getting out the door without spending a dime (no activation fees, no shipping charges) is a pretty good deal.

As for monthly service, calling plans start at $39.99, and you can get unlimited Internet for $15. (Gee, thanks a lot, AT&T--why do iPhone users have to cough up $30?)

You can find out more about the Eternity, which CNET called "a solid multimedia device," in the above video.

Me, on I'm vacation, so please excuse the short post. I saw "free," I saw "phone," and now I'm going to go see the pool.