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Get a four-pack of MFi-certified Lightning cables for $5

You get two three-foot and two six-foot Lightning cables -- which means you're always prepared with charging cables in all your travel bags and charging stations.


If you're always losing or misplacing your Lightning cables, you have two choices. You can get better organized, or just lean into your disorganization and buy a few spare cables. It's easiest to stock up on cables, especially if they're cheap. Here's a price you probably won't beat anytime soon: Aoshitai has a four-pack of Lightning cables for $4.99 when you use promo code VXAJGJAE at checkout. That's 63% off the usual price of $13.79.

It goes without saying that you should always purchase MFi-certified Lightning cables. Regardless of how cheap any particular cable might be, if it only barely works with your iPhone, doesn't work at all or falls apart in your hands the first time you try to use it, it's obviously no bargain. These cables are certified through Apple's Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad program. The package includes a pair of three-foot and a pair of six-foot braided cables, and Aoshitai promises a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support.

Anytime you encounter cables this cheap, it's smart to question their quality. Unfortunately, the reviews on Amazon are mixed, with a handful of complaints that the cables failed quickly or were unable to charge at full speed. ReviewMeta gave the customer reviews on Amazon a clean bill of health, though FakeSpot estimates that many of the reviews are not genuine. So what's the deal? All things considered, I think this is worth buying at $5, but be prepared to return the cables to Amazon if they give you any trouble. 

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