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Get a duplexing Brother laser printer for $69.99

The HL-2270DW not only prints on both sides of a sheet of paper, but also prints without wires (thanks to built-in Wi-Fi).

The Brother HL-2270DW can print on both sides of a page.
The Brother HL-2270DW can print on both sides of a page. Newegg

Paper doesn't grow on trees, you know. Oh, wait...

Paper's not free, you know. So why do you print on only one side of it? That's like throwing 50 percent of your paper investment down the drain.

To get more bang for your paper buck, consider a duplexing printer, which can print on both sides of a page.

For a limited time, Newegg has the Brother HL-2270DW monochrome laser printer for $69.99, plus $1.99 for shipping.

It's wireless, of course, like all good printers, but it also supports duplex printing--something you rarely see in such a compact and inexpensive laser.

Speaking of compact, the HL-2270DW has roughly the same dimensions as the HL-2170W, a model I've owned for years. At roughly 14.5 inches square, it has a footprint that won't overwhelm your desk.

Of course, because it includes Wi-Fi, you don't need to keep it beside your PC; you can stick it anywhere within range of your router. You can also easily share it with multiple PCs.

I do what I'd call an average amount of printing, and I find the printer's 250-sheet paper tray sufficient. Of course, if you get in the habit of printing double-sided pages, you won't have to restock the tray nearly as often.

CNET liked the HL-2270DW overall, finding fault only with its graphics output. The review also notes that the printer comes with a 1,000-page "starter" toner cartridge, so you'll need to shop for a replacement fairly soon.

Thankfully, third-party Brother cartridges are cheap, like this high-yield TN-450-compatible toner for $20.90.

If you need high-speed, double-sided printing on the cheap, this deal is tough to beat.

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