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Get a Dell multifunction printer for $29 shipped

The Dell V105 is a new model, not a refurb, and you don't have to mess around with rebates. You do, however, have to BYO USB cable, and pony up for a black ink cartridge.

Print, scan, and copy for $29. Do I need to say anything more? Dell

Multifunction printers are insanely handy. No more running to Kinkos every time you need to...

Wait a minute. This sounds familiar. Oh, right, I wrote up an MFP last Wednesday. But that deal on the Epson Workforce 500 all-in-one photo printer is long gone. And anyway, there was a rebate involved. Blech! Ptooey!

No rebates this time. Dell has the V105 multifunction printer for just $29 shipped. (You may have to pony up a couple bucks for sales tax.)

As you might expect, this is a fairly bare-bones model--but remember that it's more than just a printer. It also scans and copies (in color or monochrome) via a letter-size flatbed.

The V105 supports one tricolor and one black ink cartridge (replacements sell for around $20 apiece). You can also swap in a photo cartridge for your matte/glossy needs. However, and this is important, only the tricolor cartridge comes in the box. You can print without the black cartridge, but you'll burn through ink that much faster.

Speaking of photos, the V105 can produce borderless prints up to 5x7 inches. There's also a one-touch photo copy feature (for easily duplicating 4x6-inch prints).

Unsurprisingly, this model doesn't fax, nor does it support any connections other than USB. (Cable not included; here's a six-footer for $1.02.) It has no memory-card slots and no LCD preview screen. And the bundled software is Windows-only.

Still, $29 for an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier? I haven't found any substantial reviews of this model, but if you have simple print/scan/copy needs, this is a pretty low-risk investment.

By the way, this deal ends tomorrow, September 3--and it could easily sell out before then--so I'd click fast.