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Get a Creative Vado HD pocket camcorder for $50

Amazingly, this is new, not refurbished. The sellout risk is through the roof, so stop reading and start clicking!

For a mere 50 bucks, the Creative Vado HD captures an hour's worth of 720p video.
For a mere 50 bucks, the Creative Vado HD captures an hour's worth of 720p video. Dell

I suspect this is mere moments from selling out (and my apologies in advance if it does), but here goes: Dell has the Creative Vado HD 2nd-gen pocket camcorder for $49.99 shipped.

As you may recall from previous posts, the Vado HD shoots 720p video and stores it in 4GB of onboard memory--enough for about an hour of footage, or more if you lower the quality setting.

The camera sports a nice 2-inch LCD for previewing and reviewing your movies, but there's also an HDMI output for piping the video to your HDTV. (Alas, HDMI cable not included--but you can score one for a few bucks at Meritline or Monoprice.)

Creative's built-in Vado Central software (available for both Windows and Mac) offers plug-and-play convenience; just pop out the built-in USB connector, plug it into your PC, then edit your videos and/or upload them to, Photobucket, or YouTube.

These always sell out quickly, so get one while you can!

Bonus deal: WonderFox Soft is giving away HD Video Converter Factory Pro (Windows), a utility that normally costs $30. You'll find the registration code right on the giveaway page; make sure to use it! (Ten demerits to the first commenter who complains, "This isn't free!")

One other note: In the coming weeks I'm going to be tweeting more, so please follow me (@cheapskateblog) if you haven't already. I'll be able to share more and better deals this way, especially those offers I know are due to expire quickly.