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Get a compact photo printer for $40

Buy the reconditioned HP Photosmart A616 photo printer, which can produce 4x6- and 5x7-inch prints, for $39.99.


Stop schlepping to the drugstore every time you want to print your digital snapshots. (Half the time those kiosks are broken, anyway.) Instead, turn your home into a photo lab with a dedicated photo printer, the kind that churns out glossy prints straight from your camera (or its memory card). The HP Photosmart A616 sold for around $180 when it debuted last year; now you can snag one for a mere $40.

I've used a similar printer for years, and it's incredibly handy. In addition to everyday photos, we print party pix on the spot to send home with friends and relatives--always a big hit. The A616 can produce borderless 4x6 and 5x7 prints, and it features a color LCD so you can preview the contents of your memory card (it accommodates all types) and queue the photos you want. Plus, it's compact enough to tuck away inside a cupboard when not in use--or to bring along to a birthday party or other special event.

Note that the printer's not new, but rather "HP recertified." As with any refurbished, reconditioned, or re-anything product, you should always check both the seller's and manufacturer's warranty and return policies.