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Get a closer look at the new keyboard in iOS 8 (video)

The keyboard in iOS 8 got a much-needed upgrade -- and being able to add third-party keyboards means a ton of new options for iPhone users.

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One of the new features in iOS 8 will help you type much faster, and in this video I show you how.

We've had spelling-corrected text messaging on our iPhones for a long time (with sometimes questionable results), where you type a word and the Messages app quickly corrects so you can keep typing.

But with iOS 8, you get a brand-new keyboard that acts much like an Android phone's. Now, as you type you'll see likely guesses as to what you're typing just above the keyboard, and all it takes is a tap to add the word.

It's not a huge change, for sure, and it's obviously not anything new to Android users, but I'm still glad it's available for iOS.

If you're looking to change up your keyboard entirely, check out CNET editor Sarah Mitroff's collection of third-party keyboard alternatives.