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Get a cable-management board for $7

Trust me, you need this. You didn't know it existed, but you need it. Plus, is this the best 55-inch TV deal yet? (Hint: yes.)

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From chaos to order in one $7 swoop.


I love cheap solutions to life's little problems.

For example, my carry-on of choice is a backpack, and within that backpack I keep various tech accessories: mobile charger, USB outlet, various cables, a set of earphones and so on. But all those items are just tossed into the bottom of pouch, making them tangle-prone and hard to find.

So here's something I didn't know existed until today, but now absolutely must have: Ugreen (via Amazon) has an elastic cable-management board for $7.03 when you apply promo code CW4TSABJ at checkout. That's for the large model, which is roughly the width and length of a letter-size sheet of paper.

At first I kind of laughed at the very idea of this, but then I realized it would be a great addition to my backpack. It's not a zippered case. It's a rigid but flexible board with a bunch of crisscrossing elastic straps of varying lengths.

So you just tuck all your items under suitable straps and you're good to go. Everything is immediately visible, which I like. And everything is super organized, which I also like.

Obviously this isn't just for backpack owners; it would work just as well inside a briefcase, atop a previously messy desk or even just in a drawer.

Cheap. Simple. Effective. That's the trifecta of deal goodness, in my book. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: This is hardly a tech item, but one of my all-time favorite books is on sale -- along with its two successors. Yep, it's a trilogy, from back in the days when trilogies weren't even a thing. For a limited time, Amazon has "The Good Earth Trilogy" for Kindle for $1.99. Normally these books sell for $7.99 apiece. "The Good Earth" is an epic tale of family, farming, industrialization, fortune and misfortune -- all of which may sound a little dry, but trust me when I say you'll love this book. The sequels: meh. But still great to have at this price.

Bonus deal number 2: In the market for a new TV? Might as well go 4K, even if there's precious little content available. Best Buy has the Vizio D55U-D1 55-inch smart 4K HDTV for $379.99 shipped (plus tax). In addition to built-in apps including Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, the TV has five (!) HDMI inputs and a 4.4-star average rating from over 450 buyers. It's not uncommon to see models like this selling in the $500-550 range, so $380 is pretty sweet.