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Get a huge business e-book bundle for $15

From the Cheapskate: An incredible collection of leadership, motivation and business-building books.

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Happy new year, cheeps! Hope everyone had a safe, healthy and happy holiday. Here's to another great year of deals!

Starting with this one, already on my Favorites list for 2016: The Humble Book Bundle: Be the Boss lets you name your own price for a collection of four business-minded e-books, or pay $15 to get the top-tier collection of 14 (with the promise of more coming soon).


This e-book bundle is worth nearly $300. Your price: $15.

Humble Bundle

This. Is. Amazing.

I say that as a guy who's running a small business (shameless plug alert!) and has little experience with management, marketing, networking and all that other crucial stuff.

The bundle's bottom tier, the one that lets you name your own price for four books, includes awesome titles like "I Moved Your Cheese" and "Let's Stop Meeting Like This." Seriously, those are awesome book titles. Ah, but are the books themselves actually any good? I hit up Amazon, where they scored 4.3 and 4.6 stars, respectively. Oh, and sell for $9.99 each.

To me it's a no-brainer to pay $15 (or more, if you really want to better support the publisher, the Humble folks or a very worthy charity) and get all 14 books in the collection. I checked a few others and they all scored top marks from readers.

Equally awesome, the books are provided in both EPUB and PDF formats, and they're DRM-free. That means you can read any of them on just about any device. There's a bit of hassle involved in side-loading them to, say, a Kindle, but did I mention this bundle costs $15?

Bottom line: Whether you own a business or hope to one day, there's a treasure-trove of valuable reading here. Oh, yeah: You can write this off as a business expense, too. Triple-win!

Bonus deal: Game time! Regular Cheapskate readers have probably already scored this one, but just in case: For a limited time (possibly very limited -- no way to know for sure), Amazon has Tomb Raider (for Windows) for just $2.99. That's the lowest price I've ever seen for this this top-rated 2013 reboot, which is delivered digitally and requires a Steam account.

Bonus deal No. 2: A reader was just asking me to keep a lookout for Audible deals, and whattaya know, here's one now: LivingSocial has a 3-month Audible subscription for $9. That entitles you one audiobook per month, at a cost of $3 per book (#mathskills). Now for the caveat you knew was coming: This is for new customers only. But if that's you, I highly, highly recommend "Unbroken" (aka "How to Put Your Seemingly Miserable Life in Perspective") and "The Girl on the Train."