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Get a BlueVibe sports headset and Bluetooth receiver for $19.99

This nifty combo is great for runners, but the receiver can also be used with other earphones or even a home stereo.


I'm a runner, and typically I like to listen to either music or podcasts. Just one problem: most Bluetooth earphones have trouble connecting to my phone when I'm outdoors.

See, I keep my phone in a SPIbelt strapped to my waist. I don't like armbands; way too much hassle, and uncomfortable to boot. But Bluetooth signals need something to bounce off: walls, ceilings, other people, etc. When I'm outside and running, the mere two feet between my ears and waist causes frequent audio dropout.

Oh, also? Many Bluetooth sports headsets are on the pricey side. Your Jabras and Plantronics often sell for upward of $100.

Here's a solution to both problems. For a limited time, and while supplies last, AccessoryGenie has the GoGroove BlueVibe CFT sports headset and Bluetooth receiver for $19.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code CFTAUDIO at checkout. Regular price: $29.99, plus $4 for shipping.

Update: Although I tested it successfully earlier this morning, the code is not currently working. Keep calm and stay tuned -- I'm checking with the vendor and hope to get this resolved pronto.

Update No. 2: The code is now working. And please note that you can order up to two, but they must be ordered separately.

A Bluetooth headset with wires? Let me 'splain. The centerpiece of the package is a clip-on Bluetooth receiver that features playback controls (volume, track skip, play/pause, etc.) and a microphone for hands-free calling.

It also has a 3.5mm input jack for plugging in the corded sport earphones, which in my informal tests sounded way better than I expected for such an inexpensive product.

But because it's a universal jack, you can plug in any headphones you want, effectively turning them into Bluetooth headphones. Then you can leave your phone or tablet on the kitchen counter or wherever and still enjoy your tunes around the house. Alternately, with a cheap stereo cable, you can connect the receiver to your stereo and endow it with Bluetooth capabilities.

Needless to say, Bluetooth receivers are popular items all by themselves -- and this popular Monoprice job is $20 all by itself. Here you're getting one that's way more multipurpose, plus a pair of sport earphones.

I'm also happy to report that the BlueVibe easily solved my outdoor-Bluetooth problems, as all I had to do was clip the receiver to my sleeve or shorts. Yes, it means there's a cord bouncing around, but I was accustomed to that already. This way it doesn't have to snake under my shirt and into my SPIbelt.

Bottom line: This is a great deal on a pretty sweet sports headset. Oh, and don't take my word; a few Amazon customers had glowing things to say as well.

Bonus deal: Speaking of earphones, DailySteals is once again offering one of my favorites: the House of Marley in-ear headset for $10 shipped. Awesome headset, crazy-good price. As a side note, I ordered two pair last time and received the wrong style. Customer service responded very quickly and credited my account $20 -- without asking me to return the 'phones. I mention that only for those who are leery of daily-deal sites. This one, at least, earned a gold star for service.