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Get a 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video card for $34.99

The Eye-Fi wirelessly, automatically transfers photos from your camera to your PC--or, if you prefer, a Web service like Flickr, Facebook, or Snapfish.

This 4GB Eye-Fi card used to sell for over $100 (!), but now it can be yours for just $35.
This 4GB Eye-Fi card used to sell for over $100 (!), but now it can be yours for just $35. Buy.com

I've always liked the Eye-Fi memory cards, which wirelessly beam photos from your digital camera to your PC and/or an online service like Flickr or Facebook. But I always thought they were way, way overpriced.

Not anymore. Buy.com has the 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video SD card for $34.99 shipped--far and away the lowest price I've seen. (Current price on the Eye-Fi site: $64.)

In case you're not familiar with it, the Eye-Fi is a standard-size SDHC memory card (meaning it's compatible with most cameras) with a built-in Wi-Fi radio.

When it's in range of your home network and your camera is on, the card automatically transfers photos to your PC--a major convenience, in my humble opinion.

Alternately, it can upload photos to the online service of your choice: Facebook, Flickr, Snapfish, Photobucket, and about two dozen others. Videos shown with your camera can be directed straight to YouTube and other video-friendly destinations.

The Share Video is one of Eye-Fi's previous-generation cards, having been succeeded by newer versions with features like 802.11n, geotagging, and support for public hot spots (meaning you can upload on the go).

But don't let that stop you. I think a 4GB Eye-Fi for $35 is a seriously solid deal. And it would make for a fine gift, too (a certain gift-giving season is creeping up on us).