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Get a 4GB Creative Zen media player for $64.99 shipped

The Zen plays music, movies, and FM radio, and you can expand the memory with inexpensive SD cards. The $64.99 price is for a refurbished unit.

Creative's 4GB Zen media player is a ridiculously good deal at $64.99 shipped. Creative

Creative is clearing out a mess of refurbished gear, including 1GB Zen Stone MP3 players for $13.99, 2GB Zen Stone Plus players for $21.99, and my personal favorite: the 4GB Zen for $64.99. All prices include shipping!

In case you're unfamiliar with it, the Zen is Creative's answer to the 3rd-gen iPod nano. It offers a 2.5-inch screen, an FM tuner, an SDHC slot (for adding up to 16GB of extra storage via cheapo memory cards), a voice recorder, and support for music-subscription services. You can also stock it with TV shows and movies from Amazon Unbox. In short, it's way more versatile than the nano, which is why CNET and users alike gave it such a high rating.

If this sounds like a winning deal to you, don't wait: I'm certain these will sell out in a hurry. If they do, or you've got an extra $19 to spare, you can get the 8GB model for $83.99.