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Get a 32-inch HDTV/DVD combo for $325

If you don't mind a refurbished LCD with a short warranty, you're not likely to find a better deal on an HDTV/DVD combo.

A 32-inch HDTV with DVD player for $325? That's hard to pass up! Westinghouse

Looking for a flat-panel TV for the den or bedroom? Deal-of-the-day site has a refurbished Westinghouse SK-32H590D LCD HDTV with built-in DVD player for $324.99. Shipping will run you $35.

It's rare enough to find a 32-inch LCD at this price, but one with a DVD player? Woot! (Huh. I think that's my first-ever use of "woot." Not sure it's for me. Let's see... Shwing? Yowza? Shazam! Eh, I'll have to work on my excited utterances.)

So the Westinghouse offers 720p/1080i resolution, a pair of HDMI inputs, an ATSC tuner with ClearQAM, and slot-loading DVD. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any indication in the SK-32H590D's specs that the player upconverts, so movies might not look as good as they could.

Because this is a refurb, the warranty ends after 90 days. More importantly, the reviews I've seen on this model (most notably at Amazon) are fairly mixed.

However, the complaints tend to center around poor customer service from Westinghouse, not the TV itself. So if your model works as it should, you'll probably be a happy camper. If not, you could be in for some frustration.

If you're willing to roll the dice, do it now: The deal ends at midnight tonight (ET).