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Get a 3-month subscription to Loot Crate for $39.99

Geeks and gamers, this one's for you: three boxes of gear and goodies delivered right to your door. Plus: a $99 Windows 8.1 tablet?!

Loot Crate

The best things in life are free: smiles, hugs, the smell of freshly baked bread. The second-best: a box full of goodies delivered to your doorstep every month. Because, let's face it, to really enjoy life, you need novelty. Mystery. And stuff.

That's the idea behind Loot Crate, a subscription service aimed at geeks and gamers. It's already a pretty good deal, but today it's even better: for a limited time, StackSocial has a 3-month Loot Crate subscription for $39.99 when you apply coupon code crate8 at checkout. That's a Cheapskate super-exclusive, cheeps, and the best deal you'll find anywhere. Regular price: $55.11.

So what the heck is a Loot Crate? It's a mystery box stuffed with items based on a geeky theme: adventure, villains, galactic and so on. Imagine if the folks at ThinkGeek sent you a random assortment of stuff every month; that's a Loot Crate.

The fun, of course, lies in not knowing what you're going to get. Any given box might have a T-shirt, a poster, figurines, candy, collectibles, stickers and so on. (Check out this list of some past crates to get a better idea.) According to the company, the contents will always have a combined retail value of at least $40.

Talk about an awesome gift idea for your favorite IT guy, sci-fi fan, game lover or tech blogger! (See what I did there?)

As with many (if not most) subscription services, this one does require you to provide a credit card. But you won't be charged anything else, and if I'm reading the terms correctly, your subscription will automatically expire after three months; you shouldn't have to cancel. (Do mark your calendar to follow up and double-check, though.)

If you've tried Loot Crate in the past, hit the comments and share your thoughts. I think the fun of a mystery box of goodies is well worth $13.33 per month.

Bonus deal: I'm loath to mention this, given what happened with the last Microsoft Store deal, and unfortunately this too will probably sell out very quickly. But it's too compelling not to mention: for the 5 minutes that supplies last, the Microsoft Store has the Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS Signature Edition Tablet for $99 shipped. This is a 7-inch tablet running Windows 8.1 (!), and it comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal (which is worth $70 all by itself). Thoughts?