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Get a 28-inch LCD monitor for $289.99

That's shipped, folks, and the Hanns-G HH-281HPB is new, not refurbished. Add in a stellar three-year warranty and you've got yourself a really "big" deal on a monitor. Get it? Big?

A 28-inch monitor would look mighty nice on your desk, don't you think? Newegg

When it comes to monitors, is there such a thing as too big? Nah. So Craigslist that ol' 15-incher and move up to something mammoth.

I'm thinking of the Hanns-G HH-281HPB 28-inch LCD, currently on sale for $289.99 shipped at Newegg. That's after applying coupon code EMCYPNP48, which, FYI, works only if you're a newsletter subscriber.

That's one big monitor, people. And not just a monitor: because it has an HDMI input and stereo speakers, you could connect it to a Blu-ray player or game console--perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and other small spaces.

Specs include 1,920x1,200-pixel native resolution, a 3ms response time, 2-watt speakers (stand back!), and a very impressive three-year warranty.

The user reviews on Newegg's product page are overwhelmingly positive. The only real shortcoming I see here is the lack of a DVI port, though the monitor does come with an HDMI-to-DVI cable. (Ironically, it lacks a straight HDMI cable. But as you well know, you can pick up one of those for as little as $3.99 shipped.)

This isn't the lowest price I've ever seen on a 28-inch monitor, but it's close--especially considering that it's new, not a refurb. Definitely a worthwhile choice for those looking to expand their screen estate.

Bonus deal: If you're lucky enough to have a Ben & Jerry's nearby, stop in today before 8 p.m. to enjoy a free scoop of ice cream! Alas, it would take me a good 40 minutes to reach the closest store, so somebody go have a Phish Food for me. Sigh.