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Get a 27-inch Hanns-G LED monitor for $199.99 shipped

This high-end LCD has everything: LED backlighting, HDMI, speakers, and even a three-year limited warranty.

This mammoth monitor can really transform your desktop, all for under $200.
This mammoth monitor can really transform your desktop, all for under $200. Newegg

Yesterday, reader Pete asked, "Are there any good monitor deals coming?"

Yes. Yes there are.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Newegg has the Hanns-G HL272HPB 27-inch LED monitor for $199.99 shipped. That's about $70 off the regular price and at least $40 less than I've seen it selling elsewhere.

Assuming your desk can accommodate one, big monitors rock. They not only make everything, well, bigger (duh), but also goose your productivity by letting you keep more windows open.

Imagine, then, your Web browser occupying half the screen and, say, your word processor the other half. No more toggling between them; now they're both visible and at-the-ready all the time. Trust me: You haven't lived until you've enjoyed this kind of workflow.

And let's not overlook entertainment: games, movies, and so on. For stuff like that, bigger is always better.

To that end, the HL272HPB features a 2ms response time, an HDMI input (it offers VGA and DVI as well), and built-in speakers. You could pair this with not only a computer, but also a game console or even a Blu-ray player. (Hellooo, den!)

To top it all off, Hanns-G backs this with three-year warranty, though the LCD/backlight are covered for only one year. (Uh, what the heck else is there to break?) The good news is that because it's an LED-backlit LCD, you shouldn't run into any problems in that department.

Although most of the user reviews on this model are positive, it's worth perusing them to get a sense for Hanns-G's customer service (which at least a few buyers found lacking).

Ultimately, a monitor this huge for under $200 is worth a roll of the dice, I'd say. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Problem: You're in the market for a laptop, but you don't want Windows 8. Solution: Buy a refurb. Ending today, Groupon has the Dell Latitude E5430 14-inch Windows 7 laptop for $439 shipped. The specs are pretty solid: an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD(!), and Windows 7 Professional. (Note that there's no optical drive, even though one of the photos suggests otherwise.) As with most refurbs, the warranty is 90 days, but Groupon does cover return shipping if you decide you don't like it.

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