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Get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for $5

Cheap-dining site is offering $25 gift certificates (for participating restaurants) for just $5.

Ever tried Me neither, but I've heard good things. Basically, you search for a participating restaurant in your area, then buy a gift certificate on the cheap: $3 for a $10 certificate, for example, or $10 for $25. There are requirements, of course, usually in the form of a minimum food and/or drink purchase. But it's not like you have to order three bottles of wine or anything. And you can print the coupon right on your own printer: It's immediately ready for use.

To make an already good deal even better, is offering 50 percent off $10 certificates (which, once again, are good for $25' worth of food). Just enter coupon code ENJOY at the checkout after you've chosen your restaurant. This deal expires April 13.

If you've used in the past, hit the Comments and tell your fellow 'Skaters how it went. Bon appetit!

(Via Deals2Buy)