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Get a 22-inch widescreen LCD for $179.99

TigerDirect has refurbished Gateway 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors for $179.99. No rebates!


It's rare enough to find a 22-inch LCD for $200, but $179.99? That's a steal. And that's TigerDirect's price on the refurbished Gateway FPD2275W. Best of all, there's no rebate: $179.99 is your out-the-door price (plus about $17 for shipping).

Spec-wise, the monitor seems pretty solid. It offers a native resolution of 1680x1050, a 5ms response time (important for games, movies, and other fast-moving video), VGA and HDCP-compliant DVI inputs, and even a 4-port USB hub. CNET rated the monitor pretty highly, but found fault with its short warranty.

Unfortunately, the warranty on this refurb is even shorter: just 90 days. Hey, sometimes getting a cheap deal means rolling the dice. The question is, Do you feel lucky, small-monitor-using punk?