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Get a 22-inch LCD HDTV for $169

Just one big question: are the speakers any good? At least they face front, unlike on some other Viore models. But don't count on plugging in external speakers.

This 22-inch Viore HDTV has front-facing speakers and one of the lowest prices I've ever seen.
This 22-inch Viore HDTV has front-facing speakers and one of the lowest prices I've ever seen. Walmart

If you're looking for a TV for the kitchen, den, or a bedroom, 22 inches seems to be the sweet spot in terms of size and price.

Now it's even sweeter, price-wise: Walmart has the Viore LC22VH56PB 22-inch LCD HDTV for $169 shipped (plus sales tax in most states).

I'll come right out and say that my last experience with a Viore TV was not great, but only because the speakers were terrible. However, on that model the speakers were located on the back of the panel, effectively directing the sound into the wall instead of, you know, toward the viewer. The LC22VH56PB has speakers in front where they belong.

How do they actually sound? That I don't know. And because I'm not seeing any evidence of a headphone jack or other audio output, you probably don't have the option of connecting external speakers.

But, hey, if you don't like the TV, return it! Walmart has no problem accepting returns of items ordered online (and this TV is only available online).

On the spec front, the Viore delivers about what you'd expect: a 22-inch display (not 21.5 inches like on some models), a 1,366 by 768 native resolution (equivalent to 720p, which is more than adequate for a TV of this size), and a VGA input so the LCD can double as a monitor.

One caveat: that resolution is definitely on the low side for a 22-inch monitor, so if you are planning to use this with your PC, I'd hold out for a model that offers 1,920 by 1,080 (aka 1080p).

If anyone owns the LC22VH56PB, hit the comments and let us know how you like it. For what it's worth, 100 Walmart customers rated it 4.5 stars out of 5 on average. That's a pretty rousing endorsement.