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Get a 20GB Xbox 360 Pro for $156 shipped

A new Xbox 360 Pro sells for $299. Sure, it comes with a 60GB hard drive, but if you can live with less storage, you can save a whopping 50 percent. That's some good, cheap gaming.

If you don't mind a smaller hard drive, you can save nearly $150 on the Xbox 360 Pro.

Whoa! has the refurbished Xbox 360 Pro for $155.99 shipped. That's way less than the price of a new Xbox 360 Arcade, which has no hard drive and only a wired controller.

The Pro comes with a 20GB hard drive, a wireless controller, and...drum roll...HDMI! However, although component video cables are included, HDMI is BYO. (Meritline, always a good source, has a 6-foot HDMI cable for $4.99 shipped.)

The 360 is not only a killer gaming console, but also a damn fine media center extender (meaning it can stream music, videos, and photos from your PC).

It also lets you stream movies from Netflix, though for that you need both a Netflix membership and an Xbox Live Gold account. doesn't specify the warranty (which is weird--it's not like the company's new at this), but it's almost certainly 90 days. Hey, that's the "cost" of getting a refurb on the cheap. In this case, the really, really cheap.