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Get a 1TB Iomega USB hard drive for $60 shipped

I know what you're thinking: rebates. Guess what: no rebates! This capacious external drive is $59.99 out the door (with the proper coupon code, that is).

The 1-terabyte Iomega Prestige drive is a steal at $59.99 shipped. And no rebates!
The 1-terabyte Iomega Prestige drive is a steal at $59.99 shipped. And no rebates! Iomega

I know cheap 1-terabyte hard drives are getting to be old hat these days, but you have to understand: I can remember when the PC reseller I once worked for was able to offer a 250-megabyte drive for $250, and what a big deal that was.

Consequently, when I see an Iomega Prestige 1TB USB hard drive for $59.99 shipped (after applying coupon code VN16W1W1JC2$MR at checkout), I can't not post it.

You'll be glad to know that this deal requires not two, not one, but zero mail-in rebates. What's more, unlike the Fantom drive that I usually find selling around this price point, the Iomega comes with backup software: EMC Retrospect HD. (You also get a one-year subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security, along with a couple of Iomega utilities.)

The drive features a USB 2.0 interface, an 8MB cache, and a very impressive three-year warranty. It comes with a desktop stand in case you want it to sit upright, monolith-style.

What more can I say? It's a terabyte of storage for $60 out the door. Kind of makes me wish I needed another hard drive.

By the way, the coupon code is good until August 21, but the drive could sell out before then.

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