Get a $1,776 Mac software bundle for $19.99

Even if you're interested in just two of the eight apps collected here, you'll come out on top.

That's a pretty high-value software bundle for just 20 bucks. MacHeist

I love software bundles, but sometimes they can be odd ducks. Game collections make sense because they're all about fun, but an eclectic assemblage of productivity tools, creativity tools, and utilities? That's a harder sell, because few users will really be able to take advantage of all of them.

Even so, the blunt-force economics of today's deal make it something I can't ignore. For a limited time, you can get MacHeist's Apple Design Award Bundle for $19.99. Combined value of the included programs: $1,776.

Except for them all being recipients of Apple Design Awards, the eight apps collected here have little in common. That said, if you're interested in only a couple of them, or even just one, you may well want to buy in.


For example, the bundle includes video-production suite BoinxTV (a $499 value), accounting system AccountEdge Pro ($399), animation creator Toon Boom Studio ($249), and astronomy favorite Starry Night Pro ($150).

Assuming MacHeist manages to unload 10,000 bundles (the counter was nearing 4,000 at press time, so I'd say chances are good), you'll also get app-development tool Xojo Desktop ($300). There's one more mystery app beyond that, but the unlock requirement has yet to be revealed.

Not only do you walk away with a truckload of software for 20 bucks, but MacHeist also donates 10 percent of the proceeds to charity of your choosing. There are 10 great ones you can choose from, or you can split your donation across all of them.

As I said before, I suspect few Mac users would be interested in every single one of the programs in this bundle. But it's still an incredibly good deal, and you get the added benefit of supporting worthy causes. Thoughts?

Bonus deal: Speaking of bundles, here's one that's a bit more thematic. StoryBundle's Video Game Bundle 3.0 comes with five DRM-free e-books on the subject of -- you guessed it! -- video games. And if you pay at least $12, you'll get three bonus books, including the one I most want to read (despite the poor choice of cover): "The Final Hours of Portal 2." Lots of great stuff here for anyone interested in games and/or the game biz.

Bonus deal No. 2: Speaking of games, barely a year after its release, Crysis 3 (Win) is on sale for just $4.99. Seriously, folks, if there's a PC game you're even mildly interested in, wait. In three months it'll be cheaper; in six, cheaper still. And after a year, you'll find steals like this one. I mean, five bucks for one the most visually dazzling shooters ever? No-brainer. Note that you'll need an Origin account to download and install the game.

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