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Get a $133 Magnavox Blu-ray player or a Samsung Blu-ray box, four movies for $176

Score a refurbished Blu-ray player on the cheap or spend a little extra on a new model with your choice of movies. Mediocre movies, yes, but overall, you still come out ahead.

I haven't seen a decent Blu-ray deal in months. Months! And now I have two. First, Sears has the refurbished Magnavox RNB500MG9 Blu-ray player for $132.99. That's with free shipping and a 5 percent discount (the latter automatically applied to your cart), both of which end today.

Given that it's still pretty rare to find a player selling below $150, this is a solid deal. Just one complaint: The Sears site makes no mention of the warranty, so assume 90 days. (Also, you'll probably have to cough up sales tax. Guess that's two complaints.)

The better deal, as submitted by keen-eyed reader Chere, is over at Amazon, where you can get a new Samsung BD-P1600 and four Blu-ray movies for as little as $175.96 shipped. (Make sure to enter coupon code SAMSDISC at checkout.)

I say "as little as" because you have to choose $12.99 movies to get out the door for that price. Many (OK, most) of the titles are priced higher, meaning you could easily end up north of $200 depending on what flicks you pick.

My $12.99 recommendations: "Ocean's Eleven," "Dog Day Afternoon," "Good Night and Good Luck," and "Superman: The Movie."

Hmm. On the other hand, maybe you're better off with the Magnavox and a Blockbuster or Netflix subscription. I mean, those films are worth watching, but owning?

On the other other hand, the Samsung BD-P1600 alone (see video) usually sells in the neighborhood of $249, so even if you "upgrade" to better, pricier movies, you're still getting a deal.

Of course, I'm still waiting to see Blu-ray players fall below $100 where they belong. And it better happen soon, because once Netflix starts streaming in high-def, it'll be curtains for Blu-ray.