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Get a 120GB internal SSD for $109.99 shipped

The OCZ Vertex Plus 2.5-inch drive originally sold for $179.99. If you're looking to make the move to a solid-state drive, this is a killer price.

The OCZ Vertex Plus is a 120GB solid-state drive for laptops.
The OCZ Vertex Plus is a 120GB solid-state drive for laptops. Newegg

Quick housekeeping note: I'll be posting a bit less than usual next week, probably just Tuesday and Thursday. After that, it's back to all Cheapskate, all the time!

Want to breathe some new life into your laptop? Many people swear by solid-state drives, or SSDs, which promise shorter boot times, faster overall operation, and lower power consumption (meaning better battery life).

Alas, SSDs have a much higher price-per-gigabyte than traditional hard drives--but at least they're getting more affordable. In fact, eagle-eye Cheapskate reader Eric spotted one of the best prices I've seen to date: a 120GB OCZ Vertex Plus 2.5-inch internal SSD for $109.99 shipped. That's after redeeming a $20 mail-in rebate (PDF).

Update: Looks like they're sold out. Told you it was a good deal!

Even without the rebate, that's a killer deal. It's rare to find any 120GB SSD for less than $180. Shop around and you'll see a lot of them priced at $250 and higher.

The Vertex Plus is a 2.5-inch drive, meaning it should swap in just fine for your existing laptop drive. (Do a little Googling for "laptop hard drive upgrade" if you need to know how to offload everything first and then restore it.)

Beyond that, I don't know a ton about this drive, or SSDs in general. (It's true, there are gaps in my tech knowledge!) I do know it has a SATA II interface, while other, pricier drives employ SATA III. That shouldn't present any compatibility issues, but it may mean this isn't the fastest SSD in its class.

OCZ backs the drive with a three-year warranty, which is great.

If you've made the move to SSD, or you know more about the technology than I do (which is almost a given), hit the comments and make the case for why these things rock. Or don't rock. I'm all ears.

Bonus deal: While supplies last, has a Canon MP499 wireless all-in-one printer for just $29.99, plus sales tax in some states. Shipping adds $10 unless you can pick it up in the store. I haven't found any reviews to speak of for this model, but I daresay that's the best deal I've seen on a Wi-Fi-equipped multifunction printer. Wowza!