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Get a one-month ClassPass subscription for free

This membership is worth $49 and nets you up to nine classes at participating exercise studios.


Use your ClassPass credits to book classes at any participating local studio -- or when you travel.


I love kickboxing, but the gym in my area is expensive -- like, around $100-per-month expensive. And that's if I lock into a one-year contract, which I won't do because I'm unlikely to take classes during the summer months. Meanwhile, what if I want to switch to yoga sometimes, or see what spin is all about?

Enter ClassPass, a thing I just discovered and am excited to try. For as little as $29 per month, you get credits you can redeem for classes at any and all participating studios -- kickboxing, yoga, barre, cycling and so on. Use that link (or this button) to get a one-month free trial, a $49 value.

My aforementioned kickboxing gym charges $25 per drop-in class. The $29 ClassPass tier would enable me to take three classes there per month, so in that scenario alone it's a huge savings. If I bump up to $49 a month, I could take six classes.

Different studios "charge" different numbers of credits per class, so depending on where you go and what you take, you might get more bang for your credit buck. The $49 tier (which is what you're getting as part of this trial) should net you six to nine classes.

The other cool thing: You can use this anywhere in the US. So it's great if you travel a lot and want to drop into, say, a yoga class while out of town.  

This is a pretty generous trial, nice for really testing the waters -- and making sure there are enough nearby studios and desirable classes to make it worth your while. Just remember to cancel in a month if you don't want to start getting auto-billed.

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