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Get 75 percent off an online class at Udemy

Ready to learn some new skills? Programming, productivity, Web design, and tons of other courses are available at a massive discount. Plus: three bonus deals!

Udemy offers tons of online courses, and for a limited time they're 75 percent off. Udemy

To paraphrase a great philosopher, the key to happiness (to say nothing of success) is having lots of skills. Design skills, programming skills, marketing skills -- the more you have, the more employable you'll be. And mo' employable typically means mo' money.

Ah, but how you can learn these skills without spending a small fortune on schooling? Start with this: For a limited time, you can save 75 percent on online learning courses at Udemy when you apply coupon code SKILLS75 at checkout.

For those unfamiliar with it, Udemy offers thousands of online courses taught by experts. These aren't credentialed classes, meaning they won't count toward a degree or anything like that, but they can definitely help you learn new skills -- especially ones targeted at job and personal improvement.


For example, Mrs. Cheapskate was recently tasked with doing an Excel-related project at work, but she has little experience with the program. Among the Udemy classes offered as part of this promotion: Excel 2013 beginners/intermediate training. It's normally $99, but with the coupon code, it'll cost just $24.75.

Other course topics include Web design, Java programming for beginners, the art of black and white photography, doubling your productivity, "hacking" Kickstarter, and even Harmonica 101. Chances are good if there's a business- or personal-development skill you're looking to master, you'll find a course for it here.

I've never taken a Udemy class before, and I'll admit some of the offerings seem like a scammy, like YouTube Secrets: How I Make $2,000 a Month. But all the courses are rated by users, so it's pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you've tried Udemy before, hit the comments and talk about the experience. Everyone else, let me know what class you're going to take on the cheap!

Bonus deal: Calling all Mac users! First, StackSocial's MacLovin Bundle has the best name since this (slightly NSFW). Second, it's a collection of eight award-winning Mac apps and an app-development course with a combined value of $861. Your price: $39.99. Heck, Cinemagraph Pro normally sells for $99.99 all by itself.

Bonus deal No. 2: For a limited time, OnOne Software is offering Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition (Win/Mac) for free. Regular price: $99.95. It provides an extensive library of effects and filters designed to liven up your digital photos. Though a standalone editor, it can optionally integrate with programs like Apple Aperture and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Bonus deal No. 3: If you're looking for a higher-end streaming box like an Apple TV or Roku 3, you have to at least consider Amazon's Fire TV -- especially if you're already a Prime subscriber. Among its cooler features: voice search and controller-powered gaming. It's normally $99, but for a limited time, Amazon is offering the Fire TV for $84 shipped.