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Get three years of Dashlane and Hotspot Shield VPN for $62.99

From the Cheapskate: Those two items -- both top-rated in their class -- would normally cost you $180. Plus: a great deal on LED lighting!

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Dashlane Premium is annoyingly expensive. There, I said it.

I mean, come on -- $40 per year for a password manager? Especially when there are similar options for half the price?

Problem is, I really like Dashlane. Enough to pay for it, even. But I think something closer to $20 per year feels a lot more reasonable.

Done and done: StackSocial is offering a three-year Dashlane Premium subscription for $62.99 when you apply discount code browsingbundle10 at checkout. That works out to just over $20 annually.

Oh! Forgot a tiny little item: That price also includes a three-year subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, which itself normally runs $30 per year. Grand total value of all this security booty: $180. (By the way, that discount code is a Cheapskate exclusive. Regular folk have to pay $69.99 for this bundle.)

Getting back to Dashlane, I can't imagine my computing life without it. It automatically fills in passwords and credit card numbers, generates new passwords for new sites and even replaces weak passwords on my behalf (with my permission, of course). The mobile app is just as invaluable.

As for Hotspot Shield Elite, it's like icing on the cake -- sweet, sweet VPN icing. It's all about mobile security, giving your laptop, phone and tablet hacker-proof connections to 20 virtual servers across the globe. CNET hasn't reviewed it lately, so I'll refer you to this four-star review if you want to learn more.

I should point out there are free versions of both these tools. But free Dashlane doesn't let you sync between your devices, nor does it afford web access to your passwords. And the free version of Hotspot Shield hits you with ads and limits you to US servers.

So, yeah, it's definitely worth going Premium or Elite, and if you can do that for a third of the regular price? Do it with my blessing. (Meanwhile, be sure to check out CNET's roundup of the best VPN services of 2016.)

Your thoughts?

Eight bucks per 100-watt-equivalent retrofit LED. Yes, please.


Bonus deal: Whoever built my house put in a lot of recessed-lighting cans, and for years I spent a small fortune on halogen bulbs. They were priced at about $9 apiece and had to be replaced every two years or so. Needless to say, I'm all about LEDs now, and here's an attractive option: Powermall (via Amazon) has a four-pack of Enegitch 6-inch LED recessed-lighting fixtures for $31.99 when you apply promo code IYU9SM4A at checkout.

They're designed to retrofit your existing recessed fixtures: You just screw them in where the bulb would normally go. Oh, and they're 100-watt equivalent; most inexpensive LEDs are 65-watt. Oh, and they're rated to last up to 25 years. (I'd be perfectly happy with half that, truthfully.) Nice deal!