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Get 20 percent off any Virgin Mobile smartphone

Top pick: the awesome Motorola Triumph, which you can snag for just $240 shipped. Even better, service plans start at just $35 per month--and no contract!

The powerful Motorola Triumph Android smartphone is $60 off with a Virgin Mobile coupon.
The powerful Motorola Triumph Android smartphone is $60 off with a Virgin Mobile coupon. Virgin Mobile

I've made no secret of my disgust over smartphone voice/data pricing. Sure, you can buy an iPhone 4 for $99, but you'll be on the hook for at least $55 per month for a full two years. For most users, it's more like $70-80 monthly.

Virgin Mobile is among a small but growing number of carriers that offer more affordable solutions. For as little as $35 per month, with no contract, you can get voice and unlimited data via Sprint's 3G network. Of course, you'll pay a little more for your phone, but that's to be expected.

Today, you can pay a little less. Virgin Mobile is offering 20 percent off any smartphone when you use coupon code BRB20. You'll probably have to pay sales tax, but shipping and activation are free.

My top pick by a mile: the Motorola Triumph, which normally sells for $299.99 but drops to $239.99 with the coupon. It's fast, slim, and spacious, sporting a 4.1-inch screen that I guarantee will make iPhone users jealous. (I'm an iPhone user, and it makes me jealous.)

You can read more about the Triumph in CNET's review. I think it's a terrific choice for anyone who doesn't want the two-year contract and hefty monthly fees that normally go with smartphones.

That said, Virgin offers a couple other compelling Android models as well, including the LG Optimus Slider ($159.99 with coupon) and the LG Optimus V ($104 with coupon). Whatever you get, make sure to replace that hideous Virgin Mobile purple-pink wallpaper. Yech!

As I mentioned earlier, the big draw here is Virgin's monthly plans. A mere $35 buys you 300 voice minutes and unlimited texting and data. Need more talk time? You get 1,200 minutes for $45. That's roughly half what you'd pay for a comparable voice/data plan from one of the major carriers. 

I'm not sure how long the coupon code will be in effect, so if this holds any interest to you, I'd act fast!