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Get two years of nearly unlimited cloud backup for just $24.50 (Update: Expired)

iDrive's latest deal scores you 10TB of space for your computers and mobile devices. Plus: A third-gen Echo Dot for $20.99?! Yes, with a small catch. (Update: Sold out.)


iDrive backs up not just your computers, but also your mobile devices. And not just some of them, but all of them.


Today's deal is a rerun, but it's my favorite kind: More bang for the buck.

Let's talk data. You know all those irreplaceable documents, contacts, photos and whatnot? All it takes is one virus, one ransomware attack, one flaky OS update or even one lost, stolen or broken device and you could find yourself having a Very Bad Day.

Or maybe just a Mildly Inconvenient Day, provided you have a reliable backup solution in place. Like this one: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a two-year iDrive 10TB cloud backup subscription for $24.50. Regular price: $139.

The last time I shared an iDrive deal, the price was the same, but you got half as much space. In these days of ever-expanding photo and video libraries, especially on mobile, more storage is always welcome. The price works out to just $12.25 per year to back up all your devices. After that it's back to the regular pricing, which is a reasonable $69.50 per year.

Speaking of devices, unlike many cloud-backup services, iDrive doesn't limit you to just one. Here you can archive your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet and whatever else you might own. (The service can also preserve photos and videos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.) Backups are done continuously and in real time, so there's really nothing you have to do once the initial setup is complete.

Here's a full rundown of the features included with your iDrive subscription. Although the service now offers a complete disk-image backup option (meaning it can back up your entire hard drive), my advice is to use it just for your data. Disk-image backup is better left to an external or network drive, in my humble opinion.

Also, be prepared for your initial backup to take some time -- possibly several days or even longer, depending on how much data you've got. This is normal, and true with all online backup services. Fortunately, your subscription also includes iDrive Express, which works like this: iDrive ships you an external hard drive, which you use to quickly back up your files. Then you ship the drive back; the data gets added to your cloud repository. This can take up to a week, though, so it's not necessarily a faster solution, just a more expedient one.

How well does all this work? CNET hasn't reviewed iDrive (nor have I), so let me steer you to this PCMag review from a few months back. Verdict: 4.5 stars and an Editors' Choice nod.

Still, do your homework. Read the company's FAQ page to get answers to any initial questions you might have and see what issues you'll potentially encounter.

For anyone who needs a bigger or better cloud-backup system, iDrive is definitely worth a look, especially at this price.

Bonus deal: Assuming you didn't already buy all the smart speakers you needed over the holidays, Belk has a deal you might want to see.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) is just $20.99. Normally, to bag free shipping, you'd need to spend at least $99, but if you add a beauty item (starting at $3), free shipping is yours. Grand total: $23.99. Update: Not surprisingly, this appears to be sold out now.

See it at Belk

As it happens, the Dot is currently on sale at Amazon proper for $29.99, though it's out of stock until around Feb. 10. Here you can get the Dot and one of those face masks all the ladies (in my house, anyway) seem to like for six bucks less.

By the way, I tried every additional coupon code I could find (including the "$10 off $20" when you sign up via email), but none of them would apply to this particular purchase. Your best bet is an extra 4 percent cash back via Ebates.

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