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GE's 'Visible You' body scan mimics your moves

General Electric installation at World Expo offers a digital simulation of the body's systems--all while mirroring your moves in real time.

Visible You
Ad agency BBDO and creative studio Tronic designed and modeled the GE installation, a body scanner for the active set. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Body scans may be controversial, but visitors to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai seem to be having great fun stepping up to them--at least the ones being displayed by General Electric.

GE's "Visible You" installation offers digital simulations of the body's nerves, muscles, and cardiovascular systems--all while mimicking your every move in real time.

When a visitor steps up to the interactive booth in the USA Pavilion, the image on the life-size vertical display scales to his or her general height. It then mirrors participants' gestures (lifting arms and legs, jumping, running in place) in life-size, high-definition 3D.

What's the point?

Highlighting GE's body-scanning technology, which is part of its Healthymagination initiative. Also, who can deny that it's fun seeing your own aerobicizing X-ray staring back at you?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and TV host Mario Lopez are among the more famous Expo-goers who have hopped around in front of Visible You. The fair runs through October 31, so you if you manage to make it past the terrifying giant robo-baby that's greeting visitors, you might want to take a look.