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Genius recommendations added to iPad App Store

They've being available in the iPhone App Store for a while, but now users can get Genius recommendations for the iPad as well.

Try out some new apps with Genius recommendations in Apple's iPad store. Apple

Apple has quietly updated its iPad App Store, allowing the tablet's owners to find apps with the help of the company's Genius recommendations.

When iPad owners load up their App Store app on the tablets, they will now see a "Genius" option next to "Updates." After turning it on, the feature lists several applications they might like, based on their previously downloaded apps. This is the first time Genius recommendations have been made available for the iPad. The tool has been offered in the iPhone's App Store for a couple years.

The iPad's Genius recommendations work similarly to those for iTunes music or iPhone apps. Based on what the user downloads, the app displays programs the user might want to download. It also adds an option for users to upgrade the free applications they already downloaded to their iPads. A "not interested" option listed at the bottom of each app lets users refine Genius recommendations and ensure that the selection won't be viewed again at a later time.

The addition of iPad Genius recommendations makes its debut as Apple added a "Try Before You Buy" option in its App Store. The new feature allows users to try out a paid application before they're forced to plunk down cash to download it.