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General Magic may lose Sony, AT&T

General Magic may lose two of its biggest partners.

    General Magic may lose two of its biggest partners.

    According to a Securities and Exhchange Commission filing, Sony is suspending its plans to develop a handheld computer based on the company's Magic Cap operating system and AT&T might pull the plug on its PersonaLink online service, which carries General Magic's Telescript software.

    Both Magic Cap and Telescript got off to a slow start. Magic Cap is available in only two handheld devices, and the company was slow to upgrade so that it could run on the Windows operating system.

    Telescript, an object-oriented, remote-programming language, was available on AT&T's PersonaLink service in September of 1994. Telescript allowed subscribers to filter messages, but the service could be used only by PersonaLink subscribers and can't be used by PCs because it requires Magic Cap.

    Sony's PIC-2000 device includes an earlier version of Magic Cap, and Sony said it might consider Magic Cap version 2.0 when it is released but is talking with other vendors.