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General Dynamics' most ruggederiest laptop ever

The GoBook XR-1 gets refreshed and rebranded as the GD8000.

GD8000 rugged laptop

"We have the most rugged laptop." "No, WE have the ruggedest!" "Psshhh, ours is even ruggedier!"

No, those aren't real words, but that's kind of how the marketing and advertising goes among the niche of companies making laptops that can stand up to dust, wind, rain, vibration, and getting dropped.

The latest entrant is General Dynamics subsidiary GD-Itronix, which has rebranded its GoBook XR-1 as the GD8000. According to the company, it's the ruggederiest of them all.

It's built to "mil spec," or military specifications for rugged gear, but GD is claiming to go even further. One requirement to meet mil spec is to be able to drop a laptop (while turned off) from a height of 3 feet and then have it be able to boot up 26 times. Technically, you can spread this result out over five different machines, which means a given laptop does not have to successfully reboot a total of 26 times. GD says it has done it from 42 inches (rather than 36 inches) while the machine is actually running and only used one laptop.

GD also brags that the GD8000 can withstand being hit with 30 gallons of water blown at 40 miles per hour (to imitate a rainstorm) for four hours.

Now, if this is the kind of computer you need to do your day job (in which case, we here at Crave wish you Godspeed) you/your IT procurement manager will need to plunk down at least $3,800 to start.

The GD8000 now has a 13.3-inch screen, and can be outfitted with an Intel Core2Duo processor, DDR3 memory, and a five-hour battery (upgraded from just over two hours in the previous version). It's available starting Monday.