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Gender-bending Lego ad remixer mashes up ninjas, puppies

Finally, you can battle aliens and groom your Lego pony at the same time. The Gendered Lego Advertising Remixer lets you mix audio and video from different boys and girls' Lego ads.

Gendered Lego Advertising Remixer
Something about this just doesn't click. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I don't mean to sound all crotchety and old, but back when I was a kid, our Legos didn't have genders. All Legos were for everybody.

My brother and I shared the same pile of bricks and Lego figures. I didn't feel slighted that our little yellow people were missing pink skirts and sassy ponytails.

Lego recently debuted a new line of toys for girls. The Lego Friends wear skirts, have puppies, play dress-up, and hang out in a candy-colored cafe. Meanwhile, the boys' Lego characters are fighting space battles, capturing dinosaurs, and sailing pirate ships.

The HTML5 Gendered Lego Advertising Remixer shines a light on the gender divide in toy advertising. There's one world for girls and an entirely different world for boys.

The remixer superimposes the audio or video from girl-focused Lego ads with audio or video from boy-focused ads. It's both disturbing and hilarious to hear a macho guy command you to freeze skeletons in their tracks while wide-eyed Lego ladies bake a cake.

Here's hoping enterprising young girls make their own stereotype-smashing Lego mashups. There's no reason why the Lego Friends can't escape the Ninjago turbo shredder's gnashing teeth and battle the ice dragon. That sounds like a lot more fun than hanging out in a beauty salon all day.

Lego Friends at the cafe
Lego Friends at the cafe. The laser guns and battle tanks must be tucked away behind the counter. Lego