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Geisha speakers won't guarantee memoirs

'Psycho-acoustic' technology meets Eastern theme.

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We thought we'd witnessed pretty much everything when it comes to iPod speakers, but here's one we never saw coming: a geisha theme.

This portable system from Lucky Brand is actually a special edition of the Sonic Impact iP2cc, most notable for its "hand-drawn Eastern landscape with floating, pop-art red lips," according to Chip Chick. The power output of the 1.5-inch drivers isn't listed, but the mini-system supposedly packs something called "Maxxbass psycho-acoustic technology," a term that always sounded a bit too Wes Craven for our comfort level.

The geisha case is being marketed for iPods but will probably work with most other MP3 players, with a battery that promises to cater to all your musical needs for 24 hours. But after that, you're on your own. How appropriate.