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​Winter is coming! Grab these geeky sweaters to get warm

Stay toasty in Hoth-like winters with our favorite nerdy sweaters featuring Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Gremlins, Cthulhu, superheroes and gaming characters.

This Superman sweater keeps out the cold and the Kryptonite.


Why settle for wearing an ugly holiday sweater when you can get cozy in a pullover that shows off your love of sci-fi, fantasy or gaming?

These sweaters and sweatshirts from Yellow Bulldog, ThinkGeek, We Love Fine, Superhero Stuff, 80s Tees, Mondo Tees, Etsy and HBO feature fun designs of everything from Stormtroopers to superheroes. Many of them come in all sizes for both men and women and are affordable as well. They also come in different cotton blends and styles. Some look like the real deal but have the comfort of fleece sweatshirts.

Whether you want to show your allegiance to Superman or Captain America is up to you. Or maybe you'd rather show people you're all about Wonder Woman.

Then again, perhaps you're more of a "Doctor Who" fan who wants to pay tribute to the Cybermen or the Tardis.

You can also let people know you're a proud Star Trek fan with these cool uniform sweaters, logo sweaters and even a Wesley Crusher tri-color striped sweater.

Personally, I find that a pullover featuring the monster Cthulhu, created by author H.P. Lovecraft, really stands apart from the usual geeky sweater. It's perfect not only for the holidays, but also for keeping warm in a drafty haunted house when all the demons and ghosts blow out all your candles.

Best of all, you can grab a few Star Wars sweaters to wear while standing in line for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Because chances are, if you're a Star Wars fan, you'll be standing in a very long line at the movie theater.

It's not like you're wearing a breeze-blocking Stormtrooper suit of armor. And even Darth Vader had a cape to help cut out the chill.

Take a look at our gallery of the coolest geek sweaters to keep you cozy.