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Geeky holiday feasts: Cthurkey, 'Star Wars' sweets

Whether you serve a nerdy turkey for Thanksgiving or a gingerbread AT-AT for Christmas, you've got plenty of options for boasting your geek pride at the holiday table.

Cthurkey, which was given the nickname "Cthuken" by fans online, is made from bacon, crab, octopus and turkey. Rusty Eulberg

Few things bring loved ones together like a traditional home-cooked holiday meal complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie and gingerbread. But when you're a geek, you might want to use the table to show off your love for everything from sci-fi hits like "Star Wars," Star Trek" and "Doctor Who" to classic horror by H.P. Lovecraft.

This holiday, plan your meals based on the fandoms you love most. Serve the extra creepy tribute to Cthulhu -- Cthurkey -- as your main course. And follow up with Sarlacc Pit Cake and Admiral Ackbar cupcakes. Ditch the traditional gingerbread house and build a gingerbread AT-AT reindeer or a gingerbread Optimus Prime.

Need some nerdy suggestions for your upcoming cookie exchange? How about , or cookies based on Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy"? You can store all your geeky treats in this musical R2-D2 cookie jar that peeps Christmas carols whenever you open its lid.

Don't just eat geeky holiday meals, though. Prepare them with geeky tools. Bake using R2-D2 measuring cups. Carve the turkey using knives stored in your X-wing knife block or flip food over using Darth Vader's lightsaber BBQ tongs. Dig into your food like a Time Lord using "Doctor Who" Sonic Screwdriver cutlery.

Even if your family and friends can't agree on who shot first or which "Star Trek" series is the best, you can at least call a truce over geeky holiday fare.