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Geeks make green graffiti

Geek artists and pranksters use lasers, LED lights, text messaging, and organic ingredients such as moss to make protests in the street.

Lawmakers and homeowners continue to blame graffiti for defacing property and contributing to the overall decline of civil society. Old-school, permanent graffiti made with paint, markers, and stickers may still rule the streets, but nondestructive public messages enabled by the Internet, laptops, lasers, and mobile hardware are also on the rise.

Click on this image for a photo gallery of digital graffiti.

Click on this image for a photo gallery of eco-friendly graffiti.

(Credit: Graffiti Research Lab)

Graffiti artists with a political bent are exploring digital technologies to make a nondestructive point in public, whether in the name of ego, whimsy, the environment, or free speech. Some of their underground, open-source efforts are going mainstream as corporate marketeers mimic the tactics of graffiti artists.

Click here for a gallery of cutting-edge graffiti that uses high and low technologies.