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Geekdom and hockey collide: The campaign for NHL player Commodore to wear number 64

A campaign to have NHL defenseman Mike Commodore wear number 64 to pay homage to the Commodore 64 classic home computer is gaining the support of geeks and hockey fans worldwide.

Puck Daddy

Aside from my annual NHL video game head-to-head face-off, there aren't too many times where tech and the greatest sport in the world cross paths--aside from a glowing puck or two.

So it's no surprise that I was ecstatic to learn that a movement to have NHL veteran defenseman Mike Commodore change his number to 64 had been started to pay the classic home computer homage, a piece of electronics that still holds the title of being the best-selling computer of all time.

Commodore--the hockey player--was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 1999 and has spent his career moving around the league playing for teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and, most recently, the Columbus Blue Jackets.

On the first day of the NHL's free agency, the Detroit Red Wings signed Commodore to a one-year deal. Since then, an outpouring of support to have him wear number 64 has been making its rounds on hockey blogs and Twitter, with a significant push coming from Yahoo Sports' fantastic hockey blog, Puck Daddy. The site has totally committed to the cause, raising the eyebrows of local Detroit news outlets and the Red Wings organization as well. Even Mike Commodore himself has also tweeted that he's considering 64.

The push for "COMMODORE 64" isn't just a scheme to please geeks, either. Puck Daddy's managing editor Greg Wyshynski vowed to donate $64 to Commodore's favorite charity should he wear number 64 come this October. Less than a week later the campaign has had an additional $6,656 pledged by fans. If the hockey or computer geek in you would like to donate as well, send an e-mail over to

We'll be sure to update this story with Mike's number selection. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for our look at NHL 12, which will release without competition from 2K Sports for the first time in 11 years.