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Geek sweets: Satisfy your nerdy candy cravings

It's-a Mario and he's-a tasty! Check out our favourite dork-themed tooth rotters, from the giant R2D2 Pez to zero-gravity sugary treats

If you find yourself torn between spending your hard-earned on new technology and frittering the cash on scrumptious sweets instead, we might have the answer -- tech-flavoured candy. No, we don't mean sugary treats that taste of silicon, we're talking about sweeties inspired by the tech we love. We've put together a list of our favourite techie nosh, which we found at Cyber Candy in London's Covent Garden -- you can buy them online at

With Super Smash Bros Brawl just about to headstomp the UK, you might want to buy yourself this Nintendo 3D gummies mega pack (£3) to keep your sugar levels up during epic all-night bouts. In the pack you get a variety of Nintendo characters, including Mario and Donkey Kong, all of which come in a yummy gummy format -- it's-a Mario and he's-a tasty! Click through to the next page to see all of them, but be warned, you may dribble on your controller. -Andrew Lim

Featuring some of our favourite Nintendo characters, we managed to munch through the assorted flavours as quickly as Mario collects coins. We recommend Yoshi -- he's particularly delicious.

On its own, Pez is the most humble of sweets, but it's really all about the dispenser. The little pocket Pez dispensers can only hold one pack, so where do you keep the rest of your tiny candy? In a giant Pez dispenser, of course. Behold the R2D2 giant Pez dispenser (£25), a Holy Grail for Pez and Star Wars fans alike.

It looks like a Nintendo Wii remote, it even smells like a Wiimote, but look a little closer and you'll soon find that this remote only controls one thing -- your stomach. Jammed inside this seemingly innocent controller (£2.79) is a pack of refreshing mint chewing gum.

Although we've never seen Mario masticate, we take him for a gum chewer. The Wiimote casing is very cool and makes a handy little box when you've finished all the gum.

Ever wanted to crack open your old NES controller and see what's inside? Open this one up and all you'll find is mints. We think Princess Peach enjoys the benefits of fresh breath, but they might be Yoshi's, he'll eat anything.

Oh look at the minty mess. These didn't stay around for long. Once we'd opened the NES controller (£2.79) everyone on the Crave team dashed in and minted up -- in fact, someone even took the box. The fresh-smelling vultures.

What's geekier than food you could eat in zero gravity? Made with real strawberries, this astro-pack of freeze-dried sliced strawberries (£3.20) will have you yearning for your own spacecraft in no time.

Not a fan of strawberries? Why not try these freeze-dried ice cream saucers that taste like cookies and cream. According to, "This space treat is frozen to -40C and then vacuum dried and placed in a special foil pouch." Remember, in space, no one can hear you nom.

Here at Crave we spend so much time rushing around looking at gadgets we often need a quick power-up, and these game-inspired beverages (£1.79) are just the job. A la Red Bull, these energy drinks contain caffeine to give you a little boost when you need it.

Aww, isn't it cute? We're big fans of mushrooms, but we're even bigger fans of mushrooms filled with cherry sours (£2.79). No wonder Mario gets all super when he eats one.

Inside the mushroom you'll find some even cuter mini mushrooms that taste as good as they look.

Come on, admit it, everyone's pretended they were smoking a candy stick. Having grown older and wiser we think it's for the best to stick to these than moving on to real cigarettes -- and how better to remove any last vestige of cool smoking may have given you than to show off with these fantastic superhero sticks?

A slightly tenuous tech link, but this strawberry-flavoured rocket with popping candy is so delicious we couldn't leave it out.

Not a brand that's a particularly famous in the UK, Jolt Cola is huge in the US. Aimed at Red Bull fans, this battery-shaped drink (£2.79), which can be resealed, charges you up like a Duracell bunny via the magic of caffeine.