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Geek Sneaks: Wear computer code, constellations on your feet

Pump up your kicks with Geek Sneaks, sneakers slathered in geek pride symbols like Pi, circuit boards, and computer code.

Geek Sneaks
Are you a computer nerd or a chemist? Pick the style that fits your particular brand of geek.

They say the shoes make the geek... or something like that. You don't have to wear a GameBoy dress or glowing Tron T-shirt to radiate your geekiness, however. Just throw on the right pair of shoes.

Constellation Geek Sneaks
Pull the stars from the heavens and put them on your feet. (Click to enlarge.)

Geek Sneaks from geek outfitter are designed for code monkeys, scientists, astronomers, and engineers. The shoe design is a simple slip-on, but it's the patterns that really stand out.

Geek Sneaks designs include Pi, a circuit board, computer code, the periodic table, and a constellation pattern. Just be careful if you're still in school. You don't want your professor to think you're cheating on a test by shoe gazing at your periodic table sneakers.

The first round of unisex shoes sold out, but they're available for preorder for $49.95, with an expected August arrival. You won't get them in time for Geek Pride Day tomorrow, but you'll be more than ready for next year's celebration.

Pi and code Geek Sneaks
This is what happens when you drop Pi and code on your shoes.