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Geek eye makeup puts 'Star Wars,' Avengers on your face

Finnish makeup whiz Karita Brun has the superpowers to distill superheros and science fiction characters into stunning eye makeup designs.

R2-D2 eye makeup
This is the droid eye makeup you're looking for. Karita Brun

Karita Brun is her own designer, makeup artist, model, and photographer. The self-taught artist proudly sports her geeky sensibilities by interpreting characters as diverse at the Hulk and Darth Vader through eye shadow and liner.

"Many comic/movie characters have easily recognizable color or patterns which are easy to transform to makeup," Brun tells Crave. "I just take some key features of a character and start working from there."

Brun has delved into the "Star Wars" universe for both R2-D2 and Darth Vader eyes. Darth presented a special challenge. "My first idea was to do the makeup in the shape of his mask, but as it turned out, it didn't work, it wasn't instantly recognizable," she says. That's when she hit on the idea of adding the lightsaber and cape. The Dark Side has never looked lovelier.

In honor of all the hullabaloo over the blockbuster "Avengers" movie, Brun worked up an entire collection of Avengers eye makeup looks. Her creations span from Loki to Iron Man to Nick Fury. Nick Fury (you guessed it) includes a black eye patch look. Iron Man shimmers with red and gold, and Captain America will have you seeing stars.

For those of us who fumble with eye brushes, Brun has plenty of helpful tutorials on her blog for replicating her looks.

Should you feel inspired to attempt your own C-3PO or Spider-Man makeup concoction, Brun's advice is to aim for balance. "Sometimes it's challenging to get all the pieces to work together, trying not to leave anything important out, but also not to butcher the whole look with too many details," she says.