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Geek Christmas trees spread nerdy cheer

Geeks know how to celebrate the holidays. Ogle a collection of tech-y and nerd-y Christmas trees with tentacles, power supplies, USB drives, and "Star Trek" ornaments.

Foursquare Christmas tree
CNET reader Vanessa Bedard made her own Foursquare ornaments from foam. Vanessa Bedard

'Tis the season to be jolly, watch "Star Trek" reruns, craft Foursquare ornaments, and draft E.T. into service as a tree topper.

Tech geeks sure know how to celebrate with style. We asked readers and contributors to send along pics of their hopelessly nerdy Christmas trees.

The results range from a rescued traffic cone to a collection of "Star Trek" ornaments that would make Spock blush.

We filled out the slideshow with a couple of delightful additions from around the Web. Check out a wonderfully squicky Cthulhu tentacle tree and an impressive nerd tree that will have computer programmers dreaming of sugar plum fairies with 500W power supplies.