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Gearing up for holiday sales

Following tradition, online retailers will look to the day after Thanksgiving as the commencement for the holiday shopping season.

roundup  The day after Thanksgiving traditionally marks the commencement of the holiday shopping season. It is also the time when stores begin watching sales closely to see if the year's goals will be met--and online retailers are no exception.

Electronic commerce has yet to make deep inroads into the retail business of the brick-and-mortar world, but companies selling everything from books to bandwidth are looking to change that this season. The following NEWS.COM stories provide a snapshot of how things are shaping up.

Holiday computer bargains are here
Cheap computers and affordable peripherals should conspire to make this holiday season a happy one for retailers and shoppers alike.

A $1 billion holiday season?
As safety fears subside, analysts say $1 billion in Internet sales to consumers is not out of the question this holiday shopping season.

Online book war heats up
As the lucrative holiday season approaches, online booksellers are offering various services to differentiate themselves.

PC makers upbeat on sales
Skittishness about Asia is offset by improvements in Europe and sub-$1,000 PCs are expected to continue boosting sales.

Holidays a boon to e-commerce
As department stores get ready for the holidays, online retailers are preparing for what analysts say will be a busy season on the Net.

WebTV Plus missing Christmas
The next generation of set-top boxes designed by WebTV won't be generally available until after the holiday season, the company has admitted.

BuyersZone in market for leads
BuyersZone joins the ranks of Internet middlemen, the latest in a wave of e-commerce services that attract buyers and deliver them to companies.

Net traffic for small bookstores
Smaller specialty online bookstores are quietly competing for a share of the estimated $156 million in sales this holiday season.