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Gear4 StreetParty Size 0: Ultra-skinny iPod speakers

The Gear4 StreetParty Size 0 is an ultra-portable iPod speaker system that takes up as much space as a paperback book. At only 16mm thick we're suitably curious

Campers and fans of, well, thin stuff -- take notice. Gear4's forthcoming StreetParty Size 0 is an iPod speaker system that's only 16mm thick.

The peeps from Gear4 were kind enough to pop by our swanky new offices yesterday to give us a glimpse of its new ranges. The StreetParty Size 0 was our favourite and is about the same size as a thin paperback book. The iPod docking section folds away inside the unit, making this an ideal musical companion for travellers, campers or festival-goers.

We're promised great sound quality -- though we're always sceptical about these claims for ultra-portable speaker systems -- and the system is powered from AA batteries. We were happy with the sound quality of Gear4's HouseParty III, so we're fairly confident the Size 0 will deliver a nice sound for its size.

It's going to be released in the UK in June and will retail for around £50. Very sweet indeed. -Nate Lanxon

Update: A previous version of this article used language in the headline that, on reflection, we felt was inappropriate. We apologise for any offence caused.

Update 2: A full review of the Gear4 StreetParty Size 0 is now live.