Gear4 shrinks 'BlackBox' speaker to travel size

The "BlackBox Micro" is the younger sibling of the larger wireless system.

Tech Culture

The cubist period for speakers seems to be alive and well, whether we like it or not. As a reflection of its widening influence, the latest example comes from the U.K. with Gear4's "BlackBox Micro."

As the second half of its name implies, it's the little brother of Gear4's larger wireless BlackBox system. As the first half implies, it's a black box.

The smaller sibling isn't wireless, unfortunately, which is one reason the traveling speaker goes for about $40, as quoted by Electronista. Gear4 claims that the USB device has unusual quality for its size, thanks to an "SFX gel base driver" along with a standard one that improves its bass and high notes, respectively. Either way, it could be a perfect addition to a geometrically inspired decor, along with the "Audio Cube" ottoman.

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