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Gear Ties: A cord organizer with a twist

Organize your cables or build an iPod stand with a simple yet dynamic cable organizer.

Gear Tie
Gear Tie

Though we give you permission to keep ignoring that messy drawer full of unused cables, we urge you to keep your visible and frequently used cords as neat as Mom would expect them to be.

Gear Tie
Gear Ties can be twisted into a stand for your iPod or other media device. Gear Tie

Gear Ties make it easy to do that. They're made of rubber and can be reused until you've twisted them to death. OK, maybe even then.

Gear Ties come in different colors and five sizes, from 3 inches to 32 inches. And while their design has minimalist appeal, the ties can be used for just about anything.

Smaller sizes come in four-packs and are suggested for tying up things like headphones, USB cords, and device chargers. Larger sizes, which come in two-packs, can be used for items like garden hoses, vacuum cables, and jumper cables.

But the makers of this product have found some pretty creative uses, too. With the 24-incher, you can fashion your own iPod or e-book reader stand. With the 32-inch size, you can create a hanger for clunky items like boots.

Gear Ties are available now from Geartie.com and are priced between $5 and $7. Not bad.