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GE to outfit some Martha's Vineyard homes

Some Massachusetts island homes will receive GE smart appliances or Nucleus energy management systems as part of a community push to go completely renewable in winter.

View of what Martha's Vineyard's proposed offshore wind turbines might look like from the Aquinnah Cliffs looking southwest. Vineyard Power

"Initial wind power models suggest that Vineyard Power can meet the full winter electric load of Martha's Vineyard with the development of 17 medium-size offshore turbines (2.5 MW)," Vineyard Power said in a statement.

To that end, the co-op is conducting a visual impact survey that includes rating CGI images of what various island shores would look like with such turbines in place. Anyone may view the images on its Web site, though only Vineyard Power members can vote.

But in order for the introduction of offshore wind to be successful, Vineyard Power will have to implement a smart grid and smart grid tools for integrating an intermittent renewable energy like wind. GE and the Department of Energy are working with the energy co-op to help make that happen, according to Vineyard Power.